This is Why I Recommend WordPress

It is used on thousands of high-traffic websites and is not just a blogging tool but a true content management system. It’s been tested and improved for several years.

Nobody likes using FTP or waiting for a programmer to update files on their website. WordPress makes it easy for non-technical people to contribute and update website content. There are a huge and growing number of themes and plugins.

Such as the rich text editor, media upload tools, dynamic RSS feeds, category management, and tagging and comment management, all of which make editing your site simpler.

What if you have a custom website built by a programmer … who then decides not to work for you anymore? Very costly and inconvenient — the ramp up time for another developer to come in and reverse engineer the code could be enough to send you reeling. But if you base your site on WordPress, you can easily find another developer to work on it … most freelance developers and graphic designers out there simply can’t afford not to know their way around WordPress anymore.

Free Tools.
There are thousands of themes and plugins to choose from. WordPress has a built-in updating tool for WordPress itself, WordPress themes and plugins.