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April 2104

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How to Restore Your Windows Eight Computer

Sometimes you just would like to return in time. While in life, which is not ordinarily attainable, Home windows is often an unique story: System Restore allows you are taking your Computer back to an previously point in time, allowing you restore your Personal computer to an previously point out, where programs and options […]

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Seo Tools

SEO Tools

Lately I have been doing quite a bit of experimenting with some SEO tools offered by Google. I found that using one that is simple enough to understand how it works is best for beginners.

Later on, after I messed around with some SEO Packs offered to me from various vendors I found one […]

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Copy Protect an Image

Disabling right click or the context menu is one of the more popular ways to prevent images from being stolen from your Blog.
While it is effective to some extent on deterring image theft, it also frustrates the heck out of honest readers by denying them access to many useful functions associated with the right […]

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People DO Judge a Website by its Cover

People Do Judge a Website by its Cover
Do you ever remember the last time you walked into a place of business and felt uncomfortable? Well I do, and the results were as expected. I politely browsed around the store trying not to offend the employees, or possible owners and left A.S.A.P.

On the other hand. […]

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March 2014


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Most Popular WordPress Theme

This is one of the most Comprehensive Theses I have EVER SEEN!

When you first look at this Themes live demo all you can say is WOW!

There are so many features built into this theme. The built in control panel allows you to change everything with the push of the mouse button.

With Nearly 60,000 purchases […]

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Facebook Timeline theme for WordPress

Ever since Facebook started a Timeline design it has been a big hit for most, however not all. If you like how it looks, you can now use one very similar. It’s called Twisted, and the theme is by Pirenko.



Here is the authors description……….

Twisted is a big, bold and clean theme designed to get […]

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Tips to improve your writing

To be a successful blogger, you must be a good writer.
That doesn’t mean you need a PhD in English Literature, or a bunch of books to your name. Over time, as you read other blogs and write more posts, your writing style will naturally improve.

But you don’t have to wait months or years for […]

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